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Rabbit Pelts 101

This page is designed to introduce our rabbit pelts and find the most suitable grade for your project.

  • Type of rabbit

  • Grading


We carry 3 types of rabbits: Spanish rabbits, Czech rabbits, and Rex rabbits. Of all 3, Rex rabbits are the most luxurious, softest, plush, and silkiest of our rabbit line. They feel softer, lighter, silkier, and are much cheaper than sheared beaver skins. Many customers praised the quality of our Rex rabbits.

Czech rabbits have longer hair, thicker hide, and are 50%-200% larger than the regular rabbit. They are soft-tanned, big, and very heavily furred. They are ideal for resale or for craft projects requiring excellent material, for example trim on parkas, mukluks, and gauntlets.

The regular rabbit or Spanish rabbit pelt is our best seller. When we get a new shipment, we grade by quality and various colors. Market prices for rabbit skins have gone up. If you purchase 100 or more rabbit pelts from us, we offer you a good price. We have extensive experience working with various tanneries from various countries and now work closely with a tannery in Spain that is more concerned with quality than simply volume.

We are picky when grading our rabbit skins and try our best to keep our prices low. We hope that you will be pleased with our rabbit pelts.

The following table provides a comparison of our various types of rabbit skins.

Rabbit Fur density Hide softness Hide thickness (not including hair)
Better About ¾-1" hair length. Silky hair. Soft About paper thin
Czech About 1 ¼" hair length. Silky hair.
Soft Thicker than Better Grade
Rex Plush. Very silky hair. Very soft Thicker than Better Grade


To the best of our knowledge, nearly all other importers in the United States rely on overseas tanneries to grade their skins. These firms then take the bundles of 100 skins out of the bales of 1,000 skins and ship them off to their customers. With the better grade skins, this is often possible - although we still inspect bundles at random to ensure that they meet the grade. We have found, however, that for the lower grade skins, we have to sort these again when they arrive at our warehouse in Niagara Falls, New York. When you buy skins from us, you will get consistent grading.

The following table provides a comparison of our various grades and ranks from the best to the lowest grade.

Grade Overall fur quality Hide quality Size of the skin Natural Rabbit Price (We offer price discount by quantity, please see the link of each item)
Garment Hair is softer than Better Grade. Soft Similar like Better Grade $15.00 each
Better (standard) Soft. Hair lays flat. Smooth About 17"x12" $10.50 each
Gift Shop Smaller then Better Grade. Soft. Hair lays flat. Smooth About 13"x10" $9.95 each
Craft Misshaped, minor defects Smooth About 13"x10" $7.95 each
Trading Post Weak hair Can be rough About 12"x10" $5.95 each
Clipper Yellowed or stained Smooth About 15"x 11" $4.95 each; white only
Junky 1/2 size skins. Can be stiff. Hair doesn't always lay flat. Rough $3.50 each

The following grading guidelines should help you choose the rabbit skins that will work best for your application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1.800.206.6544 for clarification.

The Spanish Garment Grade Rabbit Skins are the best quality rabbit skins produced in Spain. These skins are Spanish "peleteri" used by the fashion industry. Nearly all of the skins are used by the Spanish firms to produce rabbit skins plates (2' by 4' pieces of material) that are then further processed into many designs. We only maintain limited stocks of this grade at this time.

The Better Grade Rabbit Skins are full size skins suitable for sale in galleries and more discriminating gift shops and trading posts or for use in craft projects and manufacturing activities that require very nice fur quality. These skins have a more consistent hair length (~3/4" - 1") and few, if any, imperfections. These are Spanish "forro" skins, often called "lining" in English because they are used to line jackets and garments.

The Gift Shop Grade Rabbit Skins are slightly better than the Craft Grade skins, but do not have the consistent fur quality of the Better Grade skins. While we can tell the difference between grades, most people have trouble telling the difference between the Gift Shop Grade and Better Grade skins. These skins are primarily sold to gift shops for resale to kids. They are ideal for Boy Scout camps that want to offer rabbit skins to the scouts. Our main grading guideline is that they look like a full rabbit skin and do not have serious cosmetic defects.

The Craft Grade Rabbit Skins are lower quality skins that can be misshapen, smaller than normal, or have some other minor defects, such as tears, lower quality fur, or minor bald spots or holes on the side. These are Spanish "pulgares" skins, often called "thumbs" in English because they are used to line gloves. We do not control for size in this grade. Some of the skins will be larger than average and some smaller. Nonetheless, these are generally full skins, not pieces. We double tumble our skins in Spain to offer the best quality possible.

The Trading Post Grade Rabbit Skins are generally full skins with areas of weak hair coverage or minor defects. They are suitable for people who want a rabbit skin for whatever purpose and do not know or care about the quality of the hair. They are also suitable for craft projects, especially for ones using small pieces of rabbit. The white skins are chrome-tanned and may have a bluish cast to them or more yellowing than skins from our primary tannery. This is the grade most commonly found in the marketplace. This is also a grade that many Boy Scout troops or camps buy.

The Clipper Grade Rabbit Skins are generally decent chrome-tanned rabbit skins that have extensive yellowing. These skins are ideal for testing dog and human hair clippers. The hair is fine (it is not matted), we just don't like the color and presentation. They could also be used to line the inside of gloves and mukluks. We have many customers in the clipper sharpening business and know their requirements for suitable skins to test the clippers. As there is high demand for this grade, we are usually out of stock and recommend the Trading Post Grade for clipper testing purposes - when ordering, let us know and we will select skins that are suitable for clipper testing.